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I Get The Bag (feat. Migos)






In a League of Her Own

by Slimgoodie

Released 2009
Tha Coldest Heat Records
Released 2009
Tha Coldest Heat Records
This Cd is like non ever heard. If you dig female rappers you'll Love this Chic. Expressing how she feels this chic is just keeping it REALER Than REAL- she is the REALIST!!
SlimGOODIE aka DymeSack aka Fal: young, black, intelligent, creative, caring- and yes she's a rapper started on the scene at the age of thirteen. Growing up in the streets of East Palo Alto, Californ-ia she learned quick that you gotta have tough skin to survive. Survivor of a broken home due to drugs and domestic violence SlimGOODIE looked to rappers such as Nas, Foxy Brown, Tupac, Scareface, and the Luniz for a peace of mind. Now at the age of 26 she looks to her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for peace of mind, not giving a damn at the stereo types or characteristics that anyone thinks she should be as a "Female Rapper". Considered the CREAM OF THE CROP, Specializing in Ripping Da MIC on stage/in the studio, it's WHAT EVA!!!She Refuses to Not BE Heard- SlimGOODIE WILL SHINE!!! Founder of THA COLDEST HEAT RECORDS "IT's ON"!!
The song "Broke A**" A classic. This is for all the fellas in life that are waiting for a women to pay their way.
COMMENTS ON MARKETABILITY from Production Assistant REVIEWER ID NUMBER:R12487BR for Song Of The Year Contest..
"This song is gonna make a lot of ladies happy! The lyrics don’t hold nothing back and let the empty-pocket players know where they stand. COMMENTS ON EMOTIONAL IMPACT: "Here is the translation of your lyrics: You don’t have time to waste with any losers! Your colorful presentation of this message hits those little boys in the face with the cold hard truth. This is an awesome song! The music and melodies hits hard. The title grabs attention and fits the song."
"No Groupie" Edgy Lyrics- Introduction to a Raw female artist that is simply saying RESPECT her Mind cause she can run with the best of' em. COMMENTS ON MARKETABILITY from Production Assistant REVIEWER ID NUMBER:R12487BR for Song Of The Year Contest.."This is a strong and entertaining song ripe for the market. The lyrics are awesome! The performance is very clean. The composition is smooth and on tempo." COMMENTS ON EMOTIONAL IMPACT: "Strong rhymes and a strong story with attitude about being taken seriously. This song demands respect. The music has a hard beat and good melody. The title is perfect. Good song!"
This is just the beginning for this young GO GETTA - SHE GONE GET GET GET IT!!!