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HGG Music represents the ERA "Hustle Hard" for Any and Everyone, representing the struggle and pride of our black communities world wide, not excluding those trapped in unforgettable circumstances who are not of the black race but that can relate; we are all about spreading Love and Never Hate!! Spot "Royal-Hoodness" Lifestyle being rocked by the "RICH AT SOUL" AND Neva Lost at Soul!!!  FAMOUS for all the right reasons "Royal-Hoodness" shines bright in all who know their TRUE Value at life. Nothing Materialistic about the "Royal-HoodNess" of being true to fighting the good fight.  

~HoodGoodieGIRL MUSIC record label "PURPOSE" is about more than making music. THE MISSION IS TO BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN THE UNDERSTANDING THAT "LIVING YOUR LIFE FOR THE GREATER GOOD AND BEING PERFECT PAST PERFECTION" DOES NOT EXIST. Exuding a large dose of Non -Traditional Christian LOVE ~HoodGoodieGirl Style.

Faith and movement in the right direction are key.

Friend or Foe, Family or Not; Energy is EVERYTHING!!!

“Have A Heart. Show Love. Be Forgiving. Check Me Out…Support ya girl in the true battle of life between Good and Evil. If each of us could truly take responsibility for our own actions by thinking before we act or react to a situation, then we could live a less complicated life. It’s easy to say Fuck IT and run in the rat race - Let’s be that GOOD seed that carriers the Light of Forgiveness and Understanding. Knock these Devils, down and keep it moving!!!!”


I Do's this for my people steady getting bullied in life!! Fight back!! And Never Lay down for these Devils!! 




Restore GODS Love to the Earth by playing your Part. Heal yourself and share your joy with others. Uplift each other and give all Glory Back to GOD for his many Blessings.



 Gettin This Money, "Soul Money" that is!! HoodGoodGoodie comes from a different aspect of why you should be on your hustle. Not just for the bling, cars, and money; but for the purpose of taking care of your family and others too.











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